Privacy Policy

Please read the following terms of use carefully. It contains vital data
which is related to your rights and obligations, including restrictions that may be applicable to you.

The Sherwood Hotel Co., Ltd. (referred to as “The Sherwood Taipei” or “us” hereafter) very much values all clients’ privacy protection. According to the regulations in Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act, we will inform you about the following necessary information:

No.1 Purposes for collecting personal information

We collect your personal information based on the purposes of the relevant services of the Sherwood Taipei, the purposes include:

No.2 The categories of personal information and the influences that will occur to you for not providing them.

We will collect and use the name, ID and passport data, e-mail, contact number, contact address and other necessary personal information relevant to the collection purposes for use in the aforementioned purposes. If you are unwilling to provide the above personal information in full, our hotel may then be unable to provide you with the most comprehensive and quality services, please do understand.

No.3 The regions, targets, duration and methods for the utilization of personal information.

For the personal information provided by you, we will collect and store it in paper as well as computer database forms, and will only use them within the aforementioned purpose scope in the Taiwan region. We will not provide any of the aforementioned information to third parties.

No.4 Rights of the party

According to the regulations of Taiwan’s Personal Information Protection Act, you may consult with our customer service personnel and organize relevant operations during the period when we have your personal information in possession. However, the hotel will have to charge you for the necessary fees.

The content of the rights are as follows: 1. Search or request to browse; 2. Request to provide a copy; 3. Request to add or modify; 4. Request to cease collecting, processing or using; 5. Request to delete.

No.5 Others

We introduce our services via the Sherwood Taipei’s website. When you enter the website, your browser will place the “Session Cookie” on your computer’s random access memory (RAM), this way, the website will be able to determine the browser’s country and language. Any of the personal information such as your name, address and telephone number…etc. will not be stored in the Session Cookie. Secondly, when you leave the website and shut down the browser, Session Cookie will immediately be eliminated from your computer’s RAM. If you set the browser to block cookies, you will then be unable to enter and use the website. The Sherwood Taipei does not use “Persistent Cookies” on the website. If you wish to learn more about Cookies and the usage, please look up

No.6 與其他網站連結


No.7 Security

When you propose a query to the Sherwood Taipei online, the website will use SSL encryption technology for encryption, therefore it is almost impossible that your information will be stolen or intercepted when transmitted through the internet to the Sherwood Taipei’s internal website located behind the most advanced firewall. Regrettably, it is not possible to guarantee 100% safety for any data transmission on the internet. Therefore, although we have done our best to protect your personal information, we are still unable to guarantee complete security for this information. We cannot promise we have the ability to prevent your information from getting lost, been abused or modified, and regarding the loss due to any of these loss, abuse or modification, we do not hold responsibilities towards you or any other third party. The importance of security to us is no less than you, hence the Sherwood Taipei will continue to search and implement the most advanced safety measures in order to ensure the safety of your personal information.

When you propose queries or comments to the Sherwood Taipei via the website, it means that you have agreed to allow the Sherwood Taipei to collect the relevant information.
If you have any query or comment towards the privacy policy of the website or the Sherwood Taipei, please contact us via